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Putnam Ave betw Knickerbocker and Wyckoff Info pleaaase

Hey folks.
So I found this really nice place on Putnam Ave, It's located somewhere between Knickerbocker and Wyckoff and I really just need general info on it.. For example: good restaurants, cheap bars, gyms, grocery stores, safety for my young female self, etc.
Any inside info highly appreciated!!


  • You're really not gonna find much in terms of restaurants save for a few crumby chinese take out joints, some ok pizza and such. Bar wise? Not really much except for maybe Goodbye Blue Monday down on Broadway, I haven't been in that particular area of Bushwick lately so there could be something new but I havent heard anything. I was reading about a cool looking place on Myrtle that had cheap drinks and lotsa comic book themed stuff but I cant remember the name or where on Myrtle it was. Grocery wise there's tons of corner bodegas and there's a pretty good supermarket on Wycoff and Palmetto right across the from the L/M station. As for safety it depends on your comfort level I'd say. I know people who think Greenpoint is sketchy so the only opinion to trust in that is your own. Judging by what kind of amenities you asked about though, you're not gonna find any Williamsburg-ishness out there in Bushwick except for L train stations.
  • yeah, when i walked around for a bit i didn't see much but it was in the evening in the snow so i didn't feel like venturing out too much.. but thanks for the info!!
  • there is some underground stuff around the music and art scene in that area. Check out www.bushwickbk.com for more general info on the area.
  • myrtle is an ok shopping area knickerbocker isnt to bad as far as food u can always hop on the L train and get off on Bedford u'd find TONS of things to eat it looks just like the village area Japanese Peruvian Chinese Vietnamese lounges etc hope u find something
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