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Red Lotus Room

So I was reading ILoveFranklinAvenue's blog and someone mentioned in a comment a place called the Red Lotus Room. In googling, all I can find is three things:

1. It's at 893 Bergen (between Classon and Franklin)
2. It's mentioned twice on 4-square as a place people are
3. It is called the Red Lotus Room Cabaret one of those times.

Anyone know what it is? Is it a club that hosts parties? A venue for performances? A bar that is secret?

Anyone know anything? Thanks!


  • Ok, the person commented again since people didn't know what it was.

    From ILoveFranklinAvenue (comments section)::

    Julia said...
    Yea there isn't anything on it. It looks like a garage door, but when you go inside, it's beautiful!

    893 Bergen (between Classon and Franklin)

    I don't think it's open for people to just walk in, it's just for parties.

    Here are some future parties there (copied and pasted from dances of vice):

    EVENT: "Mood Indigo" Harlem Renaissance Retrospective
    TIME & DATE: March 20, 2010 @ 9PM
    LOCATION: The Red Lotus Room, 893 Bergen St, Brooklyn
    ADMISSION: $15 Adv, $20 Doors ($15 for Wonderland guests)

    Featuring: Adriel Azure & His Dream Indigo Orchestra, the dapper MC Dandy Wellington, burlesque beauty and chanteuse Dulce de Leche, and tap sensation Jen Minsky of The Minsky Sisters. More TBA.

    EVENT: "The Dada Revue"
    TIME & DATE: April 17, 2010 @ 9PM
    LOCATION: The Red Lotus Room, 893 Bergen St, Brooklyn
    ADMISSION: $15 Adv, $20 Doors

    Featuring: BudZillus, The Flying Fox, Muffinhead the Exclamationist, Medianoche and more TBA.

    Shanghai Mermaid also does alot of parties there. Two weekends ago, they had a big Chinese ball/festival.

    I went to a cool party called BONZAI and it was EPIC. Awesome artwork, awesome performances.
    I tried to search flickr, but all I could find was this dark, don't tell you much, photo

    Erm, thats all I can say for now, it's REALLY underground.(as you can tell) Wish I knew more!

    OH. if you search around on that guys flickr, you can see more pictures of the space. :]

    So, I guess there's my answer.
  • I went last Saturday and it was fabulous!

    Some pics are here!!!

  • Not sure if this is the place I went a few years ago for a PsyTrance Rave. No that was actually between Classon & Washington, my bad. Geez, 7 years in the hood & I still don't know these street names.

  • This "underground" night club is now for sale. It can be yours for $1.2M will soon be next door to "Smorgasbergen"

    You can buy it and hope that you get a variance to build a residence on the property:

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