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Fios in Williamsburg/Greenpoint

I've been scouring the internet & calling verizon since last year and can never get an answer. Does anyone know if or when fios will be available? I live in a building that was prewired for fios when it was built so all we need is the service, I know that LIC just got it, is williamsburg/greenpoint next???? Anyone have any type of answer????



    If you're not in an area serviced by fios, don't hold your breath. Word has it that Verizon has slowed down their rollouts because they're not getting the adoption rate they'd hoped for.
  • Hi,

    I'm the property manager at 349 Metropolitan and am in the process of wiring the building for Fios.
    Verizon does provide Fios in parts of Williamsburg.
    The way they do it is they run the fiber optic line from the street to our basement and go out the back to wire the rest of the block.
    Eventually, they will spread their infrastructure to cover the entire area.
    So, hold on. It's coming...
  • Thanks!! Keeping the hope alaive
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