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Pomme de Terre closed?

The Ditmas Park Blog has reported that Pomme de Terre is now closed. Does anyone know more? I really hoped that place would succeed.


  • According to this link, Pomme de Terre is due to reopen as a gastropub. After clicking the link, scroll down to the Lincoln Park Tavern heading, which provides a brief update.

    http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/14/dining/14off.html?scp=1&sq="pomme de terre"&st=cse
  • Has anyone heard anything about the resurrection of Pomme De Terre? I really enjoyed that place and hope that the owners live up to their plans outlined by the above link. Anyone have an update?
  • Subject: Pomme de terre resurrected as The Ox Cart Tavern

    I was walking today and noticed that the former Pomme de Terre is now The Ox Cart Tavern. I didn't have the chance to eat there, but after I got home did a little googling.
    Apparently they don't have their full liquor license yet so they just have a few GOOD beers. Their menu looks fine to me but it IS lacking any sort of vegetarian alternatives:

    It looked nice enough and I'm glad SOMETHING is there.. I'd hate ANY location to end up like the Solo was for so many years..
  • Ox Cart can choke and die. Way too loud for dinner. Way to lame for drinking.
  • When I went there, it was a little loud for dinner but not bad. Their menu is not that large but I had their chili and it was quite decent.

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