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Is this realistic? RE: rent prices in Greenpoint

n00b here.

We're looking for a 2 bedroom (not railroad) in Greenpoint for about 1500-1600. We can go higher if necessary, but prefer not to (OBVIOUSLY.)

How realistic is this for the area closer to the Pulaski bridge? Am I dreaming that we'll find a place? we LOVE the area and the school district is phenomenal (we have a 10 year old son) Don't mind having a small apt. Would rather be in a nice neighborhood...

Please someone reassure me... lol =)


  • That seems a bit low, I'm thinking $1,750 for a real two-bedroom. The railroads tend to go for about $1,600.
    We used these guys and really liked them.
    They speak Polish and English, so they have listings from the Polish owners to show non-Polish speakers.
  • hey, thank you so much! I figured 1750-1800 might be more realistic. Spoke to a few realtors today and most of the places thy had available ran within that price range.

    I appreciate the recommendation!
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