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Heating/Water Bills

My husband and I just looked at a FANTASTIC apt in Greenpoint that we fell in love with. It was significantly higher than our intended "price range" but doable. The broker told us heat & hot water were included.

She just called us back and told us that she made a mistake Heat & Hot Water were NOT included... This might put a strain on us sine we're already going above our max budget.

How much does everyone pay on average for Heat & Hot Water?

This is a 2 bedroom apt.

Any tips on how to save $ on this? We don't want to give this apt up... Plus my son started to CRY when we told him we might have to pass...



  • What kind building? Are we talking a brownstone or an apartment complex? New or old? Would you be on the top or bottom floors?

    Top floors tend to save on heating because heat rises, naturally. Also older brownstones or apt buildings might not have new windows, we still have old school wood framed ones (they let in tons of cold & in the summer let out our cool AC air)
    New windows would really seal your apt from the cold in winter. Also good doors with no gaps. All this sorta stuff helps save $. So you should take that into account as you decide if this place is in your budget.

    But I'm no expert, just a renter. But I hope that helps some
  • Water will not cost you much. About $300 per year. However, heating costs are a different matter. It might be an additional $2000 per year
  • I pay for heat and hot water (both gas), along with cooking gas and my bill is about
    $45 in the warm months and $100 in the coldest months. My apartment is small, though, and I am only one person, not a family. Also, I don't crank the heat.

    It depends on many factors, including what type of heat you have. If its electric heat, you should probably pass.
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