ROAD WORK ON 14th ST TOMORROW! — Brooklynian


If anyone from Windsor Terrace parked on 14th between 7th and 8th...I just arrived home to my apartment on this block to discover that in a truly truly dbag move by whoever is in charge of road repair, sometime TODAY (because these CERTAINLY weren't there when I left for work this morning) signs were posted that they are doing road work on this block tomorrow beginning at 6:00am and any cars parked will be towed!!!

It's after 9:00 and there's still a ton of cars parked on the block, and I'm guessing the owners of these cars have no idea!

SOOO ....if you are parked on 14th between 7th and 8th (and it could be other blocks too! not sure...) and aren't planning to visit your car til 11:30 tomorrow morning for street cleaning on the Friday side or Tuesday if you're on the Tuesday side you mayyyy want to move your car ASAP or else you will arrive at your car to find it missing! GO MOVE YOUR CAR!
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