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I'm considering moving into the area just east of the Beverley Road subway stop, near the intersection of Beverley and E16th. I'm not super-familiar with the area and would be really interested to hear if anyone has any thoughts about safety or any other useful info, what the neighborhood is generally like etc.

All advice greatly appreciated - thanks!


  • Hi there,

    this area of Brooklyn is known as Ditmas Park and has progressed very great in the past few years. You are one block away from Cortelyou road, which has recently became "restaurant row" with great restaurants serving Tibetan, Mexican, American and Mediterranean cuisine.

    It's a safe area, also close to Victorian Flatbush. You should enjoy living in this great "hidden gem" of Brooklyn.

    Good luck!
  • I live one stop away and actually head that way to go to cortelyou rd to the flatbush food coop and restaurants. It is fine there, just don't tell anyone so it stays affordable :-).
  • That area is very nice, with all of the above-mentioned amenities. Though I don't live there, I routinely go out there or cycle through the neighborhood. All in all, a pleasant place to live, with good train access, safe streets, and lots of quiet blocks.
  • The building at 236 east 16 street is a horrible place to live. The super does not take care of the building. There is a homeless guy living on the stairs by the roof, mice infesting the entire building, garbage all over the back of the building, constant black outs in the building, and the lobby door weighs about 200 lbs. anyway, if you do decide to move there please keep a look out for a beautiful marble tabby cat that was lost in that area and we are still looking for him.

  • But how do you REALLY feel about that building? :-({|=

  • aww mayybe you tried to hurt my feelings, but it made me laugh! seems like everyone on here makes me laugh hehhehhehhehehe :)

  • There's pills for that, you know.

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