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Part-Time Jobs in Bensonhurst

I'm going to be eighteen next month and am starting college in the fall. I'm really in need of part-time job in order to start saving up for my future expenses. I'm looking for something in the Bensonhurst area as it would save me travel money. Any ideas? Most commercial places require you to be at least 18 - including Blockbuster and RadioShack.

I'm really into technology, which is where I'd probably work best. I've applied to Best Buy several times with no luck. Any other ideas?


  • you will get NOWHERE in best buy.

    When I was 18 (over 10 yr s ago) AND with my microsoft cert at the time, i didnt get a job there (before geek squad)

    dont waste your time.

    so since you are into tech, waitering is out.
    You arent in college, so interning is out.

    The best bet is to try to find a local computer store that could use part time help. Even if you format harddrives.

    But you said technology, not really specific to computers, right? It really is a wide area. Try a PC Richards perhaps. Again, check local mom and pop shops.

    Tip for college:
    If you are certain of what you want to do, INTERN YOUR ASS OFF.
    Trust me. A college degree doesnt mean much anymore. While its good to have, companies want to see experience under your belt moreso than a diploma.

    come out of a 4yr college with2 yrs worth of real work experience AND a diploma and you have it made.

    thats the best advice you can ever have right now.
  • look on your local newspaper's website for ads: Bay Ridge Courier/Bay News

    their website:

    they specialize in local/regional ads. Click on Classifieds, then click on JOBS
  • Subject: Try Staples

    Staples might be a good place to try!

    Also how about at schools where immigrants are learning computer skills. You wouldn't be able to teacher, but you could assist.
  • walk 18 ave walk 86 st and walk 5 ave... go in each and every store and ask the squeaky wheel gets the grease... also get on craigslist
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