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Neighbors and Post Office Meet to Resolve Problems

Representatives from USPS Consumer Affairs called a meeting at the Kensington post office to discuss complaints with the manager.

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Several months ago, a neighbor (Catherine) asked people to send her their concerns regarding mail delivery in zip code 11218. She collected twenty-five separate complaints. Over a period of several weeks, she patiently worked her way through the postal system in an attempt to find an advocate to help us. Her patience was rewarded: representatives from USPS Consumer Affairs called a meeting at the Kensington post office to further discuss these complaints with the manager.

Attending last Wednesday's meeting, in addition to Catherine, were

* Alan Dubrow, Chairman of Community Board 12, and Heather McCormick, a member of the Albemarle Neighborhood Association, both of whom represent our neighborhood on the USPS Community Advisory Council of the Brooklyn Postmaster,
* Andrea Burrows and Archie Warner, who work in the Consumer Affairs Office of the Brooklyn Postmaster, and
* Kensington Station Manager Mike Scalise.

Everyone present agreed that the delivery and service problems in our area are real and significant. The Post Office officials seemed sincere in their commitment to make improvements.

The best course for postal customers to take is to report problems as they happen, since unknown issues can't be addressed. If you experience problems (for example, no delivery on a particular day, lost packages, etc.), here are two suggestions:

1. Call the Kensington Post Office and speak to Mike Scalise. He gave Catherine these three numbers to use:

* (718) 436-0164
* (718) 436-1082
* (718) 686-7293

2. Send an e-mail to Heather McCormick. She has set up a separate account to gather information regarding post office problems in 11218. Heather compiles the data and forwards it to the Brooklyn Postmaster's office on a regular basis. She requests that when you write you are as detailed as possible, describing the issue, the date/time, and your delivery address. The email address is:
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