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Donation Based Yoga in Bushwick

Join root,ed. Boutique Studios Premier Yoga Community

Here we invite you to join a growing community of those who wish to balance, strengthen, and align their mind, body, and soul.
That's why our classes are donation-based, to give ALL people the opportunity to do something good for themself.

When: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday @ 8pm hatha yoga. Hatha is a basic, purifying, and relaxing style of yoga. We mold the class to help reach those neglected areas of our body (in terms of physical and energetic stress).

Monday and Tuesdays' classes will be instructed by Julia Monosova in swami Sivananda tradition and Cara Turndahl doing a hatha vinyasa blend.

Both teachers bring a special passion to bring a meditative and spiritual experience for you to not only experience in this class, but take with you in your lives' to help bring balance and strength within your mind, body, and soul.

Our instructors are unique in their ability to be able to tune into your energy and help you reach and heal those areas that are neglected.

These classes are open to all levels.

It's encouraged to do both styles of yoga, for each of them have different enriching and balancing qualities.

Our instructors offer this class on a donation basis, as an effort to help heal people and the world around us.

We believe being healthy should be available to everyone, not just those of higher economic status.

As our community grows we intend to expand into music/kiritan, dance and other healing workshops

Please bring a mat or towel

Suggested Donationms

STUDIO LOCATION: 1089 Broadway, Brooklyn(Bushwick), 11221. Take the J to Kosciuszko

Please Bring A Mat or Towel

Email me for future updates on yoga classes, dance and music workshops, and more healing.

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