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Prospective Park Place Pawnshop! - Near Franklin Avenue. - Page 17 — Brooklynian

Prospective Park Place Pawnshop! - Near Franklin Avenue.



  • Update: CHCA will help out with said recycle event.

    One of the attendees has been planning a seperate electronics recycle event at Brower Park in September, also using the LES Ecology Center. The two us will join forces on out advertising, having an event for western Crown Heights one weekend, and eastern Crown Heights the next weekend.

    Using these strategies, we hope to amass a giant mound of WordPerfect 5.1 compatible machines, and (for a brief moment) recreate my college computer lab.

  • And the icky mural and unwanted pawn shop are gone. okay I just scrolled up and see that I am not the first to notice.

  • Urban Explorer, Talked to the people on St. Marks near franklin and they are still working on their bagel bakery with outdoor space. maybe this summer!

  • I hear bagels stores can only be in certain zoning codes.

    I hope ours is one of them.

  • they have been threatening since last summer and said they have been dealing with all the permits etc. but they are going forward and the patio looks great.

  • patio, side yard. This location is a house with a driveway on the side adjacent to the building supply yard. There is grass and pavers. check it out.

  • Oh! You know what? I missed your post that said it was St. Marks and Franklin. Totally thought you were referring to the old Pawn Shop, my mistake

  • From pawn shop to bad art to electronic recycling to bagels.......

  • I'm surprised our conversation about "the pros and cons of local control" stayed on topic for as long as did, and think we totally deserve bagels as a reward.


    A smile will be brought to my face when the construction supply lot finally gets built on. Ironically, it will be unable to sell to developers the supplies needed to build its own reuse...

  • bagel place will be on St. Marks behind buildingsupply lot. Observe 1st house with glassed in ground floor with illuminated exit sign. bricked patio on side of house and no signage.

  • Two things:

    First, where the "hood rich baby mural" once stood, there is a sign for "store available." Anyone have any info on what's going on there or what kind of stores are looking at that space?

    Second, whatever happened to that prospective bagel house shop on Franklin and St Marks. Did they get held up in building permit hell?

  • Bagels have been promised for two years. I guess hey are dreamin'. Get my bagels from connecticut muffin. And the work has begun on the beer/gastropub across the street at the former Millie's head to toe. Things may start happening on Nostrand....

  • I sincerely hope they change the name from Nostrand Avenue Pub to something awesome. Nostrand Avenue Pub, abbreviated NAP ironically, is such a boring name