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How safe is South 3rd St @ Berry St in Williamsburg

I'm considering renting an apartment at this location. I don't know the area because I'm new in the city. I think I will be using mainly the L train from Bedford Ave but I would like to be able to use service south-east of the address. Can somebody who lives near this location give me a better idea about this area?

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  • The area is pretty safe. The worst thing you'll have to worry about is break-ins, so lock your doors & windows when you go out.
    The area is a bit of a party zone, so keep that in mind - there might be some street noise depending on your floor & where your bedroom is located.
  • Hi. I live very near there. It's a pretty safe area. There is a 24 hour deli about a block from that location, so there is foot traffic even at late hours, plus the deli is a favorite stop for cops to roll in for a late meal or coffee, so they tend to be around. Also, you're just one block off of Bedford, where yellow cabs run pretty regularly. On weekends there are people out till late quite regularly. There are also a couple of bars in the immediate area so, again, more foot traffic. Of course, like any other place in the city, if you're walking around late at night, just be a bit alert. But it's really not a bad area at all.

    And beyond safety, as far as convenience, everything you need is right there. Laundromat, coffee shop, 24hr deli, wine store, bars, etc etc. It's a solid location.
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