WorldTravelerMan Tours Kensington — Brooklynian

WorldTravelerMan Tours Kensington

An Extensive Tour Of Brooklyn New York City By Bicycle, Kensington tour. viewer, "EvilBob Portland rider," offers WorldTravelerMan some sage advice:

Bike riding hints

Hey this is a great idea, and keep it up, however as a long time cyclist, I almost can't enjoy the vids, because of your horrific riding.

Please ride on the same side of the road as traffic, obey all the signs and lights that the cars do, don't weave in and out going the wrong way, don't go up onto the sidewalk (or even in the street) and cut off pedestrians. Ride with/learn from an expert (I'm sure there are many in NYC!) and then film.

Unfortunately you are setting a terrible example for other riders, (esp kids), and you are not only endangering yourself, but people walking, and even cars that you are causing to swerve to avoid you. Even other cyclists are endangered because the people in cars are being reinforced that bicycles don't follow the rules, so why should they treat you (us) with respect as another vehicle?

Don't get too mad or disappointed at this criticism, Your idea is still fabulous, just remember you can also do a great thing by also teaching safety and proper cycling etiquette along with the tours!

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