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Should I get a car in Bay Ridge?

I just moved to Bay Ridge and have just been offered a good deal on my parents' car. I have been considering getting a car for a couple years now, and now that I live down here, it seems like it would be quite a convenience. Our friends live all over brooklyn and mine and my husband's families live a little outside the city. I am sick of being bound by the crappy MTA, but I constantly hear people complaining about the parking situation in Bay Ridge and I need advice from people in the neighborhood on whether it is as bad as it sounds. Are there any sweet spots in the neighborhood (im on 79th btw 6th and 7th), and how long can I expect to look for a parking spot in the evening? I am trying to figure out if the convenience of being able to do day and weekend trips and freely visiting friends and family would out weigh the annoyance of messed up weekend (and slooow weekday) trains and searching for parking spots. Thanks for any advice!


  • Between the maintenance, gas and insurance (not to mention the parking tickets) IMO it is not worth it. It is much more cost efficient to either use car service or Zip Car. Unless there is a garage you can rent, parking is pretty abysmal. For some reason, the highest concentration of parking officers is in Bay Ridge and Bensonhurst - especially along Fifth Avenue, 86th and 18th Avenue. Unless you need the car for work, travel to inacessible nabs on weekends or haul a huge amount of stuff - WHY??????

    It never ceased to amaze me - all the homes with driveways and garages and yet there are still not enough spots. I gave up my car years ago and did not miss it.
  • Zip Car is a great option,

    however I have a car and I rent a spot.

    It's probably worth the investment to rent a secure spot in a garage or attended parking lot.
  • i just moved here from BUffalo, and i am so used to just driving everywhere. So not owning a car is crazy for me. Parking is no problem for me either, on average, i can find a spot in 5 mins, because i park at the places so regularly that i know where there will be spots open.

    as far as putting myself in your situation, you really will have to see if its the right fit for you. You do get the convenience of more freedom, instead of waiting for the packed MTA.

    Also i work at Bay Ridge Toyota, so if ur into Toyotas, thens top in and say hi! :)
  • We have a car and live off 3rd Ave in the 80's we can always find a spot between Ridge and 3rd. Only issue is if you don't use it every day alternate side can be a pain on Monday and Tuesday. You need to search a bit more. If you can afford it and will use it I say yes.
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