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Safety at Parkside (B,Q) and/or Winthrop St (2,5)

Hey everybody. Here's my situation.

I'm moving to Parkside ave in between these two train stops, more specifically between Bedford and Rogers ave.

Now, I'm a 23 year old African-American who lived in the "hood" as a child in Boston, then moved south of Boston to a slightly less bad area. But I have been comfortable the last ten years. So I'm used to hearing about stabbings, shootings, robberies, happening around me, but this is a whole new area. It's Brooklyn.

I'm moving to NYC to pursue comedy, which means I will often be coming home late into the night, probably 11pm to 2am on the average night. Maybe even later.

I won't be hanging around this area too much, most of my time will be at work or at comedy shows in Manhattan, but it will be a 5, 6 minute walk from these train stops.

Do I have anything to worry about coming home this late at night?

By the way, I have no money to live anywhere else. I'm moving in for free with my great aunt.


  • It's safe enough, imo. I've lived here for over 2 years now and find people to be generally awesome.

    This neighborhood is very densely populated and there are always people around, even late at night. Much of the violent crime in this area occurs between young black men, so maybe be aware of that. There is a gang presence (seems to be mostly crips) and also a bit of obvious street dealing. Gang and drug activity does seem to ebb and flow throughout the year.

    I would guess a good thing to do is be friendly and get to know people on your block? If your aunt lives here I am sure she knows people and you will get to know people as well. Also avoid wearing red or blue? Dressing like a square/more professionally is probably a good idea.

    Don't be freaked out or anything, I think if you're from a reasonably urban area you will be fine. You'll be close to the park, there is lots of great food over here--Caribbean mostly--and affordable stores for everything from electronics to clothing. It looks rough around the edges but it's very livable, diverse and there's a lot of new stores opening recently too.

    So...Welcome to the neighborhood!
    Our local blog is here:

    and also there's another one here:
  • thanks...i think it's going to take me some time to adjust to the area. like you said meeting people, getting to know the blocks, etc...

    I'm going to miss Boston though!
  • HI REWINDBOY and welcome to the neighborhood just to make you aware of transportation, well your always better with the q train cause it goes right over the bridge, Now I've lived in this neighborhood since 72' and I gotta let you know stabbing, shootings and robberies are not everyday occurences here, in fact its always huge news to those who have lived here as long as I have and even the gang activity in the area has lessened. There is a lot of weed selling and petty street stuff that goes down, but trust me this is not Newark or Compton not to knock those cities but we all identify. As far as walking from the train station, personally I feel better walking from the q train. I'm not too sure about the red/blue rule I wear them both. Again, welcome to the neighborhood and enjoy your llife.
  • yeah, I don't know much about gangs--so the red/blue thing might just be something I picked up from the movies? Like, movies about Compton from the 90's?


    And yeah, Q train is a better, faster, more reliable option than the 2 or 5.
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