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Rapist targetting asian women again!

typical one site mentions race, other one pretends race doesn't exist.
black on asian hate has always been there, just white media doesn't talk about it.

some of you gonna say asians hate blacks too etc.. yes hate exist but doesn't get acted out like this. everyone has hate for anyone and everything, its part of the human condition we look at things that arent' the same with supsicion etc...

if you see asians raping and killing blacks etc.. asian guys would be dead on the streets stores burn etc..... riots would happen. la riots anyone? hell asians didn't start it but asian businesses were burn and killed etc...

In Flushing, where there’s a high concentration of high school and college students, police said a suspect was targeting women at night, CBS 2HD’s Jay Dow reports.

St. John’s University student Georgia Wong was worried for her safety. “I was so scared. I am never going to hang out late at night.”

One of the attack’s took place right outside her boyfriend’s window. “All of a sudden I was awakened by the most horrifying woman’s scream, you know? How you watch in the movies is one thing, but you hear it in real life, it’s completely different,” said St. John’s student John Laura.

Investigators said one woman was attacked last Wednesday, and two more were assaulted on Sunday.

The suspect apparently used the same tactic, starting a conversation with his victims early in the morning between 4:15 a.m. and 5:15 a.m. as they walked from a train station.

Once they were in a more secluded area, police said, he grabbed and choked the women from behind before sexally assaulting them.

“It needs to have more security around here. Because that’s not a good thing for women to be attacked,” said Nadagia Clarke.

“The fact that I come from school every day knowing that there’s someone out here, that’s really scary,” said student Li Ling.

Police released a sketch of the suspect. They said he’s in his 20′s, 6′ tall with a thin build and black dreadlocks. He wore a brown leather jacket.


Police in Queens are looking for a man who attempted to sexually assault three women in the Jamaica section.

The first incident happened on Wednesday, October 13th around 4:20 a.m.

A 25-year-old Asian woman was walking from the train station at Parsons Boulevard and Hillside Avenue, when she was approached from behind.

When the victim approached 160th Street and Normal Road, he grabbed her from behind, began choking her and forced her to the ground where he reached under her dress and removed her underwear.

The victim began to fight with the suspect and sustained cuts to her knees, hand, and chin and bruising to her chest and arms.

The suspect then ran away southbound on 160th Street.

The second incident happened on Sunday October 17th around 5:10 a.m.

Police say the suspect approached a 28-year-old Asian woman and a 25-year-old Asian woman from behind who were walking together from the train station at Van Wyck and Queens Boulevard.

Again, the suspect attempted to talk to the women first.

Then he grabbed both of them near Pershing Crescent and Manton Street and forced them into a rear yard where he began to fondle them.

He tried to remove one of the women's underwear.

Both women fought with the victim and sustained bruising and abrasions to their arms, legs, chest and hands.

The suspect got away.

The suspect is described as a black male in his mid 20's, about 6' tall, with a thin build and black hair that was in dreads.

Additionally, the suspect was wearing a Brown leather jacket.

Anyone with information in regards to either of these incidents or the identity of the suspect seen in the sketch is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1 800 577 TIPS (8477).

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