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Brooklyn Pub - Yay or Nay?

Wondering what the 'hood feels about the still pretty new Brooklyn Pub at 6th & 20th in the old Safe Haven/Bar BQ space.


  • I don't really follow any sports that bad so I miss the old Safe Haven.

    I also can't wait for Giuseppinas to open, hope is as good as Toby's.

  • Some friends went and told me they had a great time!

    Havent made it over myself yet...

  • Food is okay, sometimes a bit heavy on the oil. The Nunzio hot sauces are quite good, particularly the mango habanero one. Some nights, though, it feels as if they're trying too hard for the Brooklyn/Italian/Guido/tough guy air, and that gets tiresome. The staff are friendly, though, and the pours are generous. The $10 specials tend to be large and good; I particularly liked the orrechiete with sausage and broccoli rabe with a glass of wine for $10 -- that bowl was freaking huge!

    My main gripe is too many televisions, but I'm not a sports fan. i recommend sitting at the bar and getting the rice balls and a wine or beer, and just hanging.

  • While I will always consider that spot BarBQ, and miss it, the new resto/bar is pretty good. Tvs will be great for baseball season, good wine is affordable and while the menu is pretty meat heavy, the night I went there were all seafood specials. Crabcakes were good but the green salad is all iceburg. Friend liked affordable wine at $5 a glass and a chicken club sandy. Was empty that night but will def be back.

  • Nay - it's a sports bar. I guess if that's what you are looking for, maybe it's a good one?

    We went a week or so after it opened, and they seemed to be having growing pains. We waited inordinately long for our drinks and food. They were also out of something (can't remember what) that was supposed to come with my pulled pork sandwich, so they served it with a small bag of chips. Seemed weird, like they should have told me when I ordered, and they just plopped the bag of chips in the basket with the sandwich. Would've been nice if they had at least opened the bag and put them in the basket by the sandwich. Made it feel a little "snack bar-ish." I don't really think we plan on going back there. Toby's has a much cozier, friendlier bar feel, with better beers and better service, too.

  • Just went. I was a semi-regular at both Bar BQ and Safe Haven back when, so I had a lot of my fondness for those establishments putting a thumb on the scale of my expectations, so to speak.

    I came in near the end of one bartender's shift and lasted into the next, and the service was on the slow side the whole night, given that it wasn't exactly crowded. I definitely miss some of the food offerings from the more bbq-oriented predecessors, but I was surprised at how extensive the menu was. And I did like the meatball parm dish.

    The place clearly has a few regulars already, who were warmly greeted by the staff. I didn't feel any of that fuzziness, but hey, I'm not a regular. I got the feel that the clientele are mostly older-skewing longtime locals, so I might not be in the target demo, but I've felt more immediately welcome at places like Timboo's, Carriage Inn and Jackie's, so whatever.

    I dunno if it's my kind of place - and I say this as a guy who likes to watch sports - but they seem to be doing fairly well at what they're trying to do, if what they're trying to do is be the flagship location for a chain of Brooklyn-themed sports pubs. The cheesy mafia-everything decorations, the corporate furniture, the classic rock radio music selection...all seems franchisable. Personal disappointment aside - and I can only say I'm disappointed because I was a fan of the last two bars in that spot - I don't begrudge people that kind of feel if that's what they want. We're lucky to have so many great choices in this area.

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