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Newkirk between Ocean Ave and Flatbush Ave

Hello all! Does anyone live on Newkirk between Ocean and Flatbush? Or know these blocks? There's lots to love there...just wondering what there is that people don't love. Thanks for any information on community, safety, and general happiness on these blocks. Much appreciated!


  • I grew up around here, though I don't live there anymore. Still come around to visit my rents and whatnot, but it's not the best neighborhood in the world. It's certainly beautiful, affordable, and not a "bad" neighborhood in a serious way.

    What I mean, is that if you don't maintain a confident demeanor, and be wary of your surroundings (i.e. cell phones, i-pods, etc...) your worse off. Though that could be said of any neighborhood. All in all, if its right there, or around there, you're better of closer to Coney Island Ave-Ocean Parkway, rather than Ocean Ave. And though what the areas closer to Coney Island Ave and Ocean Prkwy lack, they have there own charm, (i.e. eastern european, Jewish, and Muslim possibilities...Hey, it is Brooklyn.) Stick to CI and OP neighborhoods. The CI bus line is pretty good, access to the F and OP greenway as well. Closer to OA doesn't offer much in that regard, except possibly slightly cheaper rents.

    This is my take as a native from these parts, and a sort of street-minded individual.

  • <--------Says Jacques Cousteau

  • Hooray Jacques Cousteau! Native perspective works. That's what I thought. I hope to move to the area soon!

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