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Romantic Newtown Creek


I invite you to visit for a slightly different perception of the Newtown Creek.



  • Very cool, though your website takes a while to load and it would be nice to link an image here but I don't see a way to do that since it's all flash. Looks like Newtown Creek was declared a superfund site in September:


    U.S. Cleanup Is Set for Newtown Creek, Long Polluted by Industry

    The Environmental Protection Agency has designated Newtown Creek, between Brooklyn and Queens, a Superfund site, promising a thorough environmental cleanup of a long-neglected waterway that was once one of the busiest hubs of industrial activity in the city.

    The creek, about four miles long, is now the second active Superfund site in the city. The Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, another waterway suffering the consequences of its industrial past, was placed in March on the Superfund’s National Priorities List, a designation reserved for the worst-contaminated sites in the nation.

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