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Safety check Bushwick ave

My girlfriend just moved into a place on bushwick ave right between the aberdeen st L stop and cooper st. Just wondering how safe she is and what areas she should avoid. I know she should stay away from flushing but that's pretty far away; I'm not to familiar with bushwick near cooper st. Anyways I'm picking up some pepper spray for her tomorrow regardless but I'm just wondering if I'm worrying over nothing. If need be I will escort her home every night.

thanks for the help.


  • Here's where I'm at, soldier. I'm coming from the nucleus. This is no half-price, pale, white pudding. Strictly on the double-douche.

    1. Pepper spray. LEGAL AND BADASS. SRSLY. Capsaicin Nation. I carry it. Your mom carries it. IMO, everyone should. My only point would be that when you gift it, make sure they understand that spraying is a brief second before running like nuts.

  • ... Right. Neighborhood.

    Here's the deal. Screw where she is. Just check out a few things.

    There's probably like one or two stations she'll need to walk from, right? So, check the walking route on that. It might be a bad area, but the stretch to walk home is on a 24/7 active street. Or, it could be a bunch of sketchy stretches. In that case, know that (as in, hang out in the stupid-ass hood) and suggest she walk in the street (which I would do ('cause I don't want to be hurting no more living things) as opposed to the sidewalk.

    It sucks, but you'd both be sad tabs of bologna if you didn't spam up.

  • I'm assuming your saying it is a bad area then? Anyways I'm going to pick up some vexor for her tomorrow, which is more of a spray em and then casually walk away type of spray; it's rated something like 15 million scovilles. No ones recovering from that with any type of haste.

    And she only will be taking the L because her daily life is in the city so the L will be her primary route in and out of the city. The stop is only a few blocks away from her apt and the walk is up bushwick ave before copper st.

  • Does it really matter what type of neighborhood? :)

    Just hook her up.

    The scoville situation... higher the better. There's no need to opt for lower. It's a HUGE tissue irritant, but rightly so. She's not stupid. If she wrecks the hell out of someone's mucous membranes, I'm guessing it will be for a somewhat decent reason.

  • 15 million scovilles ought to be enough for anybody.


  • As for neighborhood... don't ask for opinions in forums, you won't get much useful. Just hang out there for a day/night. If you're sketched out then great. What's wrong with that? Maybe in a few months you'll feel different, but who's going to fault you? Just go with the gut, right?

  • It matters because I worry about her traveling home alone at night and I asked here because someone might live in the area and have some insight on how it is. I don't want to have to be personally mugged to decipher if it's a bad neighborhood or not. Also it's different for me because I'm six one and can handle myself shes a girl and may be targeted by some coward who wouldn't make a move if I was with her. I've seen some other useful safety check threads on here with good info and that's what I'm hoping for. As to the spray, I know the higher the scovilles the better that's why I'm getting her vexor which is the strongest civilian legal pepper spray there is; I'm making sure that if need be she can immobilize kimbo slice himself. I am just trying to figure out what the odds are that she'll be forced into a situation where she'll need to use it living on that part of bushwick ave.

  • Lawdy-lawd. Mr. Pants-In-A-Bunch... I FEEL your sentence structure. I'm hip deep in your paragraph breaks. You MOVE me.

    What I'm saying to you is that in NYC Intertube gives you 3 things:

    1. People that love it irregardless and will sell you on it.

    2. People that rent and will tell you that Undead Pedobear Nazis are selling crack out of Big Baby Jesus' Immaculate Diaper six feet from their stoop.

    3. People that think that sniffing TV tube cleaner is a legit hook for Brooklyn bragging rights.

    SRSLY. Just go there. If she moves there, you'll be spending time there, go from that.

  • No she's already there, that's why I'm asking. My sense is common enough to research a place before I go but I was in japan until couple days ago and while I was gone she moved to brooklyn because of rent prices. She took her dad with her to look for apts but had to rush into a place because her lease ran out at the end of december. She really liked the space so there was no telling her otherwise I'm just trying to figure out what type of area it is.

  • I hear you.

    The Internet will give you no real answer.

    It's a great neighborhood. I have friends living there.

    It's a bad neighborhood. There's a legit Extreme Metal club out there, but I won't bother unless Jesus is feedbacking his lesions off because IMHO, it's not worth navigating late at night, but that's my INTERNET OPINIONZ.

    See where I'm going?

  • I've known where you've been going for a little while now. The area is in the eye of the beholder and the internet is filled with opinion pushers, which is true. However, like I said, I've seen good safety check threads on this site which produced a general opinion of a certain area. If the masses concur that the place isn't the safest for a lone young chick then I'd rather take their word for it then just send her out to test the waters herself feel me? Some people have to touch the stove to see how hot it is for themselves, others just take peoples word for it after they come running out of the kitchen with a burnt palm and if there isn't a choice and you have to touch the stove, it's always good to have insight on how hot it actually is so you can at least put on an oven mitt first.

    See what i did there?

  • Oh I saw that, Captain.

    I saw it.

    I sawn it fer years now. Evur since I lost that leg to that bastard Brooklyn whale.

    But, the tides... sucka...

    Your GF already lives there.

    It's too late to hide yo' kids. Yo husbands. It's a done deal, rusty.

    So, gawsh, I seen what you done. I seens it.

    I sawr it.

    Larwd, we all seen it.

    That's the thing, sailor. You won't find it on the internetz.

  • yes she already lives there hence why Im asking others who also live there how it is. Hopefully I will get a few responses with actual opinions and then I gather them all up and throw them in the old calculator and deduce the opinion mean of the area. Then I'll either have some peace of mind or start working on my bodyguard attributes.

  • Yo, if you need a +1 armor on that business, I know some dudes... Off-books, minus character sheet-type sh*t. Down-low Grandmother-type sh*t. *Not from me*

    Defend Brooklyn

  • Or not. IDGAF.

  • Sighhh... Anyone live around that area? If so can you let me know what you think?


  • Double sigh. BEEN THERE Sgt.

    I'll be there.

    Heartlight, buddy. HEART. LIGHT.


    Roadhouse Forever.

  • Sorry no concrete information for you yet. I suppose you've already seen this thread from about a year ago:

    The last post from rtraindweller suggests that there are worse places to be in the area than where your girlfriend moved. But like daveb said (a bit cryptically), reports like that are somewhat subjective.

  • Thanks for the link! that's only handful of blocks away from my gf's apt, i did not see that one. I saw threads of people who live closer to the moore pj's and around flushing ave in general. I totally understand that everyone has their own 2 cents. I was just hoping to get a grip of posts and get a general opinion of the area. For instance everyone with a knowledge of the area would generally agree that E New York ave is not a good place to be for most people. I'm just trying to see if there a consensus of the area for a young lady living by herself. (white if it matters, I know unfortunately it sometimes does) but again thanks a lot for the link.

  • Ill put it to you this way.... the cockaroaches there carry switchblades so id be very wary of having a young white woman walking through there.... It Aint Kansas!!

  • "the cockaroaches there carry switchblades"...says some random dolt from Park Slope who doesn't live anywhere nearby.

    I don't have an exact vibe for you since I live in a different part of B'wick, but it does seem a bit more remote than say, around the Jefferson or Dekalb stops. You may try also posting on the forums. It's kind of a deadend forum but someone may chime in who lives right near that location.

  • She's lucky to have a boyfriend who is so concerned about her safety. Personally, I'd rather have a guy who buys me pepper spray than one who buys me flowers. Very romantic (seriously).

    I don't know that area personally, but Bushwick is not the UES or the East Village. You're right to be concerned. And so is she. She will need to adopt a different level of awareness than she would in the predominantly white and wealthy areas of Manhattan.

    In addition to carrying pepper spray, I'd suggest that she take a women's self-defense class, designed to teach her self-awareness and effective offense if, god forbid, that becomes necessary. I took one years ago, and it has served me well through many sketchy neighborhoods. (Only had to pull out the offensive tactics once, but use the defensive tactics instinctively everyday.) Such a class would also teach her how to use pepper spray effectively, instead of just antagonistically.

    Perhaps a gift certificate to a model mugging class would make a good early Valentine's Day present. ; )

  • its bad be very very alert i would like to walk ther day or night

  • OK, that's enough... let's let's try to bring some data and objectivity into this discussion. First off, I'd be wary of anyone carrying a cheese grater:

    Robbery 11/25/2010


    Boyd was arrested as he snatched more money from his half-sibling's sweater pocket and then cut her arms with a cheese grater.

  • I fully approve and support the rabid cheese grating of all white women on Bushwick Ave.

  • check the ny times crime stats for that area. Maybe somebody else has the link to that site. It tells you crime in that area and who the vic is. Most times black males are the vics, and women (white women in particular) get off pretty easy. Keep your phone and ipod out of view. Mugging women is not so high up the macho scale. Young white guys get mugged pretty regular since they dont have their buds in the neighborhood and are viewed to carry more money. Your girlfriend should be alright.


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