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Safe(r) area of bushwick?

I am considering moving to an apartment on Bushwick Ave at Decatur St. I am a bartender working late hours and am leaving work in the east village around 4-5am. My girlfriend is a small and attractive white girl and she works until 8 or 9. My main concern is her safety while alone on the trains and walking the streets. How safe an area would this be? I understand that no NY neighborhood is really always a safe one, but would we be "asking for it" more so here and at higher risk then its worth? I dont want to have to worry nightly that she gets home safe. thanks for helping!


  • Depends on just HOW small and attractive and white she is i would guess


  • yeah, If you wanted to post a picture of her I could pass it around to blacks and other minorities in the neighborhood and take a poll of how many would consider giving her a hard time.


    Here check this out for factual info. or figure out the community board for that area, and ask them for crime stats. or call the precinct.

    My personal opinion, albeit from Crown Heights, is that your girlfriend will probably be safer than you. Men are perceived as carrying more money than women, fancy phones and ipods aside. Young white guys walking alone get mugged dis-proportionally. You don't have your homies around to give retribution.

    I hope this has been helpful.

  • i've lived in bushwick.

    if you're worried, i'd say don't move to that area.

  • Hey I had a similar question ... I'm a naive person who wants to move to a certain neighborhood that might have a particular "reputation." I don't think I'll be truly comfortable until some complete unknowns on the web validate the supposed "safety" of my future potential home through some random anecdotal evidence.

    Can any of you predict if something bad will happen to me in the future?


  • Says the genius who doesnt look both ways before crossing the street.

  • One thing I've noticed about this board is the super cool way it makes new people feel totally welcome.

  • I agree, shekb. The OP is only concerned about safety, but unfortunately those above don't seem to care.

    To the OP, as long as you and your girlfriend follow the standard NYC safety practices (e.g. don't flash cash or expensive gadgets, travel in groups when possible, keep your eyes and ears open, etc.), you guys will likely be OK.

    BTW, is there factual backup to the idea that white men are disproportionately mugged? I've never heard that before now.

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