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No garbage pick up in 4 weeks, but we do have new signs! — Brooklynian

No garbage pick up in 4 weeks, but we do have new signs!

From the CCGH list serv. This is seriously dumb of DOT!

OK, so the subject line sounds like a mixed bag, right? While we have not had proper trash pick up in 4 weeks (at least in the area surrounding 23rd St), we do have new street signs. So, take good with the bad?

Unfortunately not. For 3 years we have worked with CB7 to petition DOT to put a 3 way stop on the corner of 23rd St. and 6th Ave. We received yet another letter saying no (see attached pdf), even though the corner has become even more hazardous to pedestrians, cyclists and most of all car owners (go figure). And when were they here this past July to survey?

So, why was DOT on 23rd St. this morning? Perhaps a mistake was made? Are we getting the stop signs?

NO. We received two 20 MPH / left turn only signs...MID BLOCK, not at the top of the block where you can clearly only turn left onto 7th Ave. So, instead we are alerting drivers in the middle of 23rd St. that they cannot turn right into the cemetery (?) but perhaps they turn left into our neighbors front stoop (see attached jpegs). While a left turn only sign finally was installed at the top of the block, these mid block signs are an eyes sore and completely stupid. In addition they removed two alt. side of the street parking sings (!).

The only plus is the 20 MPH sign, though no one ever obeys them, nor does the 72nd Pct. ever ticket speeders. But now they certainly know they can only turn left.

And did I mention we still don't have not had garbage or recycling pick up in a month?

Thanks to the City and DOT for improving the quality of our lives on 23rd St.

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  • Yeah, I don't understand why they can't pick up the garbage. The streets are clear - and besides don't some of the garbage trucks have plows on them?

    What is the city's official excuse for not being able to empty trash cans that are wedged in snow? Are they just lazy or stupid? I've lost a lot of respect for DSNY recently.