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Best food delivery to Halsey Knickerbocker?

I just moved in and a lot of the places listed on GrubHub don't have reviews...which was to be expected, I guess, but still sucks for obvious reasons. What's the least bad restaurant that delivers to me--anyone know? I feel like there must be some small place nearby that has decent food but maybe not a particularly web-savvy owner...


  • Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Puerto Rican, anything but more pizza?

  • hi, i haven't posted in a while...long move. but i recently left decatur at wilson. try the ridgewood diner. if they delivered to me, they should deliver to you and i think you can find a menu online. there was a lone thai place, but i can't recall the name...and something like happy fresh taco that would deliver. that's about it (and papa john's...sigh).

  • Thanks, will check the diner out. Future reference for others new to the nabe--Chimu Express delivers here and their rotisserie chicken with green sauce will put a smile your face. Delivery came in less than half an hour, too!

  • check out im on the south side of williamsburg and there are over 25 restaurants that use the service for deliveries. It's a great website.

  • It is a great website. I've used it for years, for deliveries to my former office in Manhattan and now to my home/office in Brooklyn.

  • try your luck with Tomo. Sushi place on flushing/Nickerbocker.

    Perhaps they deliver over to Halsey. Good stuff. Sushi is quite good.

  • Nosh A Sushi has great reviews and does free fast delivery

    their website is

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