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13 Year Old Collapses @ Bedford YMCA - Is It A Scam?

While we were eating lunch inside a restaurant today we were solicited by a gentleman who claimed to be representing the Bedford YMCA. He was looking for donations to help support the family of a 13 year old boy who had collapsed at the Bedford YMCA due to the fact that the boy had a whole in his heart.

I think it was a scam but my wife slid the guy some cash even though he was in a somewhat heated exchange with the restaurant manager at the time.

Has anyone heard about this scam before or variations of it?


  • I seriously doubt that that a huge (and legitimate) organization like the Y would send some guy into restaurants to ask for money. One reason why they might avoid this would be that it would look like a scam.

    They would organize a proper fundraiser if they were so inclined.

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    I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to mention Mr. Harris, the infamous ProHo gaffler.

    I do love that we got his photo on several occasions!

    Good times!

  • Scam! There was a guy (maybe there still is) who'd trawl Fort Greene restaurants about 8 years ago collecting for a funeral for a boy who was shot playing basketball. First time the guy told me, I thought it was fishy but gave him some cash. Second time (about a year later), I cut him off in his first sentence and told him we'd met before, he didn't bother to finish and went off - likely to try another unsuspecting person.

  • This is a scam, and we have heard of this happening all over the city. More than just shameful, this is fraud. We contact the local precinct with details every time we hear of this. Please email me directly at kshermach(at)ymcanyc(dot)org if you can share details about where and when and a description of this man.

    Thanks to all of you guys for looking out for us!

    Kevin Shermach

    Sr. Executive Director - Communication

    YMCA of Greater New York

  • Yesss it just happened to me. I was in my car In queens he asked for a donation I stupidly took my money out I said I needed change. He snatched and ran.
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