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FOUND! Brown Long-Haired Tabby Cat

I found a terrified brown, long-haired tabby near 80th and 6th in Bay Ridge. I am guessing he was an indoor cat that accidentally got outside. He is nothing but purrs, very sweet and friendly! He was going house to house trying to get in somewhere - I felt so badly for him. I took him in and brought him to the vet -- he is very healthy and between 1-3 years old. He is wearing a purple collar.

If you know with whom this cat belongs please message me. I have him in my apartment and he is well-fed and warm, but I already have two cats and a baby on the way.

I posted some flyers around the block, but nothing yet. :(

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  • Thank you so much for taking in this friendly cat. He sure is a lucky little man. I would also recommend posting him on Craig's List, calling 311 and reporting him found, and put up flyers in the neighborhood. In the event that you aren't able to find his owner please PM me. He is a good looking cat and I may have a friend that can help you place him in a forever home. Long haired cats are usually pretty easy to place. Thanks again!

  • He has the markings of a Maine Coon cat and are expensive. I had rescued 11 of them. I would not recommend posting him on any list because heartless people use cats and dogs for gaming. Call your local pet shops, vets... on missing animals or ASPCA. The owner may have put up postings of him.

  • check some vet offices in the neighborhood.

    dd you check craigslist for missing animals and seeing if he is one of them?

  • did the cat find a home?

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