• Today is the grand opening on POSH Nail Salon on Franklin Avenue between Prospect and St. Marks.

    I was their first ever customer (outside of private events last week) so they were a bit flustered feeling -- trying to find things, opening new packaging, etc. -- but everything that is to be expected on day 1 of a new business.

    Tonight to celebrate their first day they are having free cocktails with any service from 5pm-7:30pm. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays (so today!) they have $27 mani/pedis which seems like a good deal. And tonight it comes with a drink.


    Sundays/Tuesdays/Wednesdays :: 10am-7pm

    Thursdays/Fridays/Satrudays :: 10am-8pm

    Closed on Mondays

    Mani :: $13

    Pedi :: $22

    They also do a bunch of other mani/pedi add-ons and they do waxing as well.

    Good polish color selection too.

    I don't mean to sound like I'm selling the place, but I was there for 2 hours and everyone was incredibly nice, the service was great, and I'm very pleased with my manicure. I HATE the place on Franklin Avenue near Eastern Parkway and I didn't like having to trek over to Vanderbilt for a good manicure, so I am just very excited about this place.

  • Cool! Thanks for all these details.

  • Hey all- I just want to remind you that Posh is still around and they could really use your business. Why get your nails done all the way in PS or Manhattan when you can stay in the nabe?

    They still have their $27 mani/pedi special on Tuesdays (and Wednesdays, but because things have been slow, they've closed on that day).

    I would really love for them to succeed- they're working really hard to stay open and they're great ladies who deserve it.

  • I was in Manhattan today for some errands and stopped in a salon for some waxing. I assumed that a Broadway Korean nail place would be really cheap and quick -- but actually POSH is much cheaper -- I've gone 3 times to POSH for waxing and they're great. I regret stopping in the city rather than coming back to Brooklyn, but I'll remember for next time for sure.

    Thanks for the reminder to stop in -- they're really friendly and I'm so glad to have them in the area!

  • Had to pick a thread, chose this one.

  • I went back to POSH 2 weeks ago. I had another great experience. I will continue to go there and encourage other folks to patronize it.

    Whenever I mention to friends about a new nail salon in the hood they have no clue its been open several months. I think Posh needs to get people to know about them. Use Groupon, Livingsocial or what have you. If you are on the corner of Prospect you wouldnt even know they are on the block. Plus foot traffic from Franklin peters off as you walk down the street.

    I want them to succeed as well but I think they need to get creative to get folks business.

  • When I walked by, It seems to be no longer open. Are they closed permanently?

  • I gave up going...they would close unexpectedly, have shorter hours than usual, and always be on vacation it seemed...if I'm going to walk past 263836 nail salons in manhattan on my way back to Brooklyn you better be open...otherwise I'll stop in one of those nail places before getting on the train. Too inconsistent...last time I went was Christmas time...

  • They had a sign up a month ago that read, closed for staff vacation, haven't seen them open since.

  • I haven't been in a while. They really do have great service IF you can actually get in a chair during their sporadic hours.

  • And, according to their Facebook, the 15th will be their grand reopening!

    In addition to the nails and waxes they had before they're adding massage and facials too.

    10% off any service on the 15th or 16th of September.

    Hopefully they advertise better than they had before. They were friendly, had decent prices, and I was always pleased with the services.

  • I'm not sure whether this place is still open, but it will soon be closed.

    Sad to say, but I think whynot is right on this one. Evidence:


  • Sad. This was my go-to place. Any suggestions for a decent nail salon on Nostrand or somewhere else near Franklin? There are a lot but my 1 attempt (Bling Bling) was meh.

  • Just walked past. Officially done. Sign in the window.

  • Ridonkulous, have you tried Very Polished Nails on Fulton between Franklin and Classon? Went once for a pedi--beautiful and relaxing environment and higher-end polishes. http://verypolishednails.com/

  • I have not. Thanks for the suggestion! I'm due for a pedi in a few weeks :)

  • Dvir Salon is opening in this space-- signage is up and the space looks finished and stocked!  I am a regular at their location in Boerum Hill, it's great.  Inexpensive haircuts, for the quality you get.  I think men's cuts are $30.

    Not sure if they're moving, or opening a second location.
  • Ridonkulous, have you tried Very Polished Nails on Fulton between Franklin and Classon? Went once for a pedi--beautiful and relaxing environment and higher-end polishes. http://verypolishednails.com/

    I used to love getting my nails done weekly when I was working f/t, before grad school. However, in order to save $, I reluctantly decided to do my own nails for awhile until I could fit it in my budget again. One day I decided to check out Very Polished since their prices are really reasonable. But when I sat in the chair, the woman giving me a pedicure yelled (she had quite a loud, booming voice for such a petite woman) in front of the packed salon, "Wow, why you no get nails done very long time? Oh my god, your feet awful, lady!" I was mortified. I considered telling her that my feet have been admired and complimented by several enthusiastic foot fetishists, however, I remained silent and kept that bit of information to myself since it had been awhile since I'd gotten them done professionally. But I never went back to that salon again.

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