Prenatal Yoga Series at YogaSole Saturdays March 19th thru April 23rd — Brooklynian

Prenatal Yoga Series at YogaSole Saturdays March 19th thru April 23rd


254 Windsor Place @ 11th Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11215

718 541-1382

Spring Prenatal Yoga Series

6 week Series led by Latham Thoma

Saturdays March 19th thru April 23rd

Class time: 12:30pm - 2:00pm

Sign Up today! Space is limited

The BENEFITS of regularly attending a prenatal yoga class during pregnancy are truly inspiring. In our classes we teach yoga poses specific to making you more comfortable in your pregnancy—strengthening muscles for better posture, flexibility and a stronger body, as well as stretching muscles to relieve aches, and release tension.

These classes will also help to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to facilitate labor, improve circulation, aid in digestion, and exercise the spine. The resulting body awareness will help you feel more connected and in tune with you ever-changing body.

Through the poses, breath-work, discussion of alternative birthing positions and relaxation techniques you will feel more confident in your body and mind to handle the challenges of labor and delivery. Regular attendance assures that you will consistently practice these exercises for greater benefits, as well as build a community of support through meeting and connecting with other mothers-to-be. Give yourself and your baby the gift of relaxation, calm and confidence in the body and mind….

Beneficial at Any Stage of Pregnancy.

No Previous Experience Necessary. (Beginners to Yoga Most Welcome)

Dates: Saturdays, March 19th thru April 23rd, 2011

Reserve your spot today! Hurry Space is limited.

Cost: Series Cost $125 Register Today!

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