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***Calling All Liberals***

Please help me justify this...im having some trouble doing so....thanks...

Its definitely the israelis fault, right?



  • http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/142843

    Just a a rabid few?

    As a whole the palestinians yearn for peace and to live side by side in harmony, i hear

  • This was cold blooded murder and the perps should be brought to justice. Palestinians have definitely committed awful crimes in the conflict.

    Moving on:

    Do you want me to play your stereotype of peace-supporters as ignorant partisans or would you like to actually discuss the conflict?


  • Boygabriel,

    While you are correct, I believe your version lacks various requisite characters.

    In order for this conversation to be as unproductive as possible, we need someone to respond by posting pictures of Palestinian children who have been killed by the IDF. This is then followed by a 22 page exchange consisting largely of: "your people are worse" and, "no, your people are worse".

    ...all while the intelligent people world spend their day working or doing laundry.


  • Do you want an honest answer about how liberals talk to liberals about this event? At Friday night services, the rabbi of my super-duper liberal congregation brought up the murder of this family. While there are so many dramatic world events these days, she said of this "there is no excuse for this type of violence," or something to the effect that she takes a forceful stance against the murderers that committed this atrocious act.

    elgoats, if you want to attack liberals, be my guest. But you should understand that as a liberal activist, I abhor violence against civilians, no matter who commits it. "Liberals" (whatever that may mean) may have their faults, but nobody that I know is blaming this on Israel.

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