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YogaSole offers Special Kids Yoga Yoga for Kids with Special Needs


254 Windsor Place

Brooklyn, NY 11215

718 541-1382

Special Kids Yoga

Yoga for Kids with Special Needs

led by Brigitte Martel

This 40 minute creative class will be a fluid mixture of yoga poses, breathing exercises, play, story telling, music and restful periods. The class is designed to accommodate students with special needs from mild to moderate. Ages 4 to 10 years. We will spend time at the beginning of each class explaining what we will do during the class. This will be especially helpful to our students who struggle with unpredictability and have difficulty with transition. We will use the help of visual charts/card/pictures and drawing to keep our students focus during the class.

Most importantly we will move together and have fun!

The Many Benefits for Kids

Yoga offers a way to connect to oneself and others, improves focus/concentration, Improves balance and coordination. Yoga helps children to calm their bodies, increases strength and flexibility, and improves overall physical fitness and gross motor planning skills improve. The children will improve socialization skills and boundary awareness. Yoga Increases sensory integration and promotes creativity. The practice offers tools to be taken into the world and used in various situations.

Class Size is limited to 8 students.

Ages 4 - 10years

Because of the individual attention required I will not be able to accommodate more than 8 students per class. Students must be able to function individually in a group setting (unless the parent wants to help). Parents are welcome to stay or leave during the class.

Please contact us 718 541-1382 or email us at to for

more information and to register.

We will set up a phone interview to answer any of your concerns/questions.

Date: Sundays, May 1st thru June 12th, 2011

6 week Series

Time: Class Time: 1:00pm - 1:40pm

Series Cost: $180

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