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Recommended blocks in Ditmas Park?

I'm a soon-to be mom and my husband and I currently live on 18th St. near Abermarle. I really like Ditmas Park, but I'm not so happy with our block (I'm not sure if it's technically in Ditmas Park or not). We're looking to rent a 1BR in the area, but I could really use recommendations of blocks or areas to target. We're hoping to find a place that's near the subway and where we'll feel comfortable with a small child.


  • We live on Marlborough with a toddler, and really like it. There are a lot of single-family houses around, so finding apartments in Ditmas can be tricky, but I think there are buildings on the blocks between Cortelyou and Dorchester on pretty much all the blocks between between Ocean Ave and Coney Island Ave. There are also plenty of multi-family houses. We have found it to be a great neighborhood for little kids-- lots and lots of young families around. The Flatbush Family Network (are you already on that?) is a good resource for this kind of thing, too. Good luck!

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