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Ample Hills Preview Event

An ice cream shop grows in Brooklyn -- with your ideas, dreams and support.

Please join us for a first look at our unfinished but beautiful space. Taste some of what's to come, have a drink, meet good people and listen to cool music.

Ample Hills Preview Event

When: Wednesday, April 13th 6-10pm

Where: Ample Hills Creamery 623 Vanderbilt Ave. (corner of St. Marks)

What: Live Jazz Music -- 2 sets, complimentary Ice Cream & Wine

Cost: $20 for adults. Kids are FREE.

You may have tasted our ice cream and pops at Celebrate Brooklyn and other local events, but we're very excited to soon be opening open our first full-fledged ice cream parlor at 623 Vanderbilt Avenue (at the corner of St. Marks).

We’ll have seating for 27, free WIFI, awesome espresso and brew-by-cup coffee, and of course, 24 flavors of all-natural, house-made ice cream. Fun, funky, adventurous flavors like salted crack caramel, maple bacon, stout ‘n pretzels, and kettle karma. We’ll also sell decadent custom ice cream cakes for all your special events.

Ample Hills Creamery is unique among Brooklyn ice cream shops because we pasteurize our own mix. This means we'll be taking eggs, milk, cream, and sugar and cooking them in a vat pasteurizer on site! All other Brooklyn ice cream shops, and the vast majority of mom ‘n pop shops across the US buy a pre-made mix from a dairy farm.

Also, there are a few days left for our indiegogo fundraiser. We're hoping to raise enough money for some critical equipment, including an ice machine so that we can make awesome frozen hot fudge and salted caramel drinks in the warmer months (hopefully coming soon).

Check us out if you haven't yet and spread the word.

Thanks for all your support, ideas and good vibes!

Jackie & Brian

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  • I'm really psych'd we are getting a new ice cream place, and wish your business the best. However, I think the idea of asking potential customers to donate to your for-profit business is odd.

    Also, there are a few days left for our indiegogo fundraiser. We're hoping to raise enough money for some critical equipment, including an ice machine

    really, a fundraiser for new private business's ice machine? odd.

    Separately, I think that your $20 admission fee to your open house is a reasonable price for a family to pay, but am perplexed that you are stating the ice cream is "free". I think you would be better off stating that we will get jazz and ice cream as part of our admission fee.

  • Ditto. My first thought was that this was a charity event, which I thought was a nice way to introduce the business. Then I realized it was a charity event... To fund the ice cream shop.

    I'm all for small business and truly hope your shop goes well, as the flavors sound delicious. But not coming up with enough funding to purchase an ice cream machine- and expecting people to donate, rather than relying on a business plan- is off-putting.

  • So sorry you are put off by our fundraising efforts. Believe me I get it. I might have felt exactly the way you do. It's uncomfortable for us to have to ask and we are usually giving away our ice cream way more than soliciting funds. We have every intention to give back to the community and beyond as soon as we can. Peace & Happiness!

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    When do you open?!?

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