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MERGED: Habana Tapas + another bar — Brooklynian

MERGED: Habana Tapas + another bar

Has anyone else noticed a white banner above a gate on 5th Avenue between20th and 21st on the east side of the street that says Habana Tapas? Wondering if we're going to be getting a good new restaurant.


  • I have not seen that yet but that'd be exciting...

  • New restaurant!

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  • Stopped in front of the old game store space on 5th ave between 21st and 22nd and asked one of the workmen what is going in there. His response: "another bar". He added that the owner is a nice guy and that "it will look like a ship inside".

    I am fine with another bar, but I would love a new (good) food option or two. I should have asked if they will have food.

    I believe the old Smolen spot is in the works to be a new bar as well. Can the neighborhood support all these new places? Are we seeing the survival of the fittest in action?

  • Habana Tapas will be on 20th and 21st on 5th Ave...could be inetresting~!

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  • oh I've seen this place. Looks new and exciting. I can't wait until it opens!

  • Very interesting...are we getting tony or what?

  • Not sure why these threads were merged. I was not talking about the habana tapas spot. I think someone else just *really* wants to keep pushing it....