Rape at 5th and 16/18th-ish — Brooklynian

Rape at 5th and 16/18th-ish

If anyone was curious why there was the police unit parked across from Eagle Provisions all day today and increased patrols tonight - apparently a girl got raped last night leaving a bar in the area. I feel like the police should, I dunno, let people know what happened...despite walking by the police van and its officers hanging out outside as a solo female multiple times today/tonight, I only found out what happened because I was in a business when the police came in to talk to the owner.

So please - be careful all. My heart goes out to the victim. Wonder if it is the same guy who attempted something on 16th earlier this year: http://www.brooklynpaper.com/stories/34/17/dtg_rapeattempt_2011_4_29_bk.html


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