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New Diner coming to Sunset Park

I passed by the now-closed Los Tres Potrillos on 4th Ave and 38th St. and there is a sign saying that a diner is coming. I hope their food is better than the one on 5th and 39th Street. I have been wishing for a decent plain old diner in this area.


  • I noticed that too when I was walking by. I thought that they may have been rebuilding or something, but then I noticed the sign saying Diner. I pray that its a classic diner too. A couple of doors down from the former Los Tres Potrillos, is yet ANOTHER Mexican/Spanish store being opened. That store is called "Porky's".

    I am not hating, but it would really be nice to have a Vietnamese, Indian or classic diner restaurant around here.

    I will be honest and admit like you I hate Sunset Diner and Donuts on 39th and 5th. The food is so cheap and crap-tatsic tasting. I would love to have a diner that has toast that doesn't taste like the "2 for 5 $ no name brand" loaves you get at Pathmark.

    By the way, not to promote or anything, try Green Fig Cafe on 36th between 4th and 5th avenue. The sweets are fantastic there. (Its making me stay fat).

  • The name is Moonlight Diner. I guess that's a classic diner name.

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