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deep house cleaning- good experiences?

I'm moving to a *dirty* apartment on 16th and 5th in PS.

It needs to be seriously cleaned-- bathroom and kitchen bleached or something- it looks like frat guys just moved out and the landlords are not cleaning.

Has anyone had any good experiences with cleaning people/companies? It really needs to be scrubbed.

While I'm here, any recommendations for the neighborhood in general?



  • My neighbor runs a very thorough and professional cleaning firm. Highly recommend:

  • They don't do Bed-Stuy? WTF?

  • I would highly recommend Apple Eco-Friendly Cleaning, a worker-owned business. They have been cleaning my very cluttered apartment for many months. The worker-owners are friendly, efficient, detail-oriented cleaners who arrive on time and leave my apartment sparkling clean with sweet smell. In addition, they use "green" cleaning supplies which is healthy for me, my family, for them, and environment.

    Check their website:, you can email them at or call them too!

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