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german beer in Williamsburg?

anyone have any favorite places for german beer in williamsburg? i recently got an alert for this event and im trying to figure out if any of those places are any good. many thanks for any help


  • loreley williamsburg on frost st nr meeker.

  • Mugs Ale House is one of my favorite pubs in the city.

    That crawl is missing out by not going to Radegast.

  • Agreed -- Mugs Ale House is one of the best places in the city, for sure. Brooklyn Brewery and Mugs Ale House are the only two reasons I head up north in Brooklyn.

    Does one person have to drink the 12 beers in one night? That seems like a recipe for disaster.

  • Iona could also draw you to North Brooklyn.

    Best Irish-style pub in Williamsburg. Best selection of anglo-ales this side of Chip Shop.

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