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Moonlight Cafe = Los Tres Potrillos with just a new name

I walked by last night and ran into the owner of the former Los Tres Potrillos. He was sitting inside the place. I asked him did he sell it. He replied that he just changed the name because he will be serving more "American and Italian" food. So it is the same management and probably the same cooks, but with different food being offered.

I liked Los Tres Potrillos, so I am going to be sure to try their new "American" menu.

*snark aside*: I just love how everything from the USA is referred to as "American" Canadians, and South Americans collectively : Do you hate the USA for stealing your identity as "Americans"?


  • Well has anyone ordered from the "new" menu?

  • I got a sandwich there yesterday, it was good and fresh. But...their prices are higher than the diner on 5th Avenue.

    I was talking with the owner about how hard things are getting in NYC. It is hard to run a business and people don't have money to spend. So if you are in the area I would suggest you give this place a try and see if you like it bec we could sure use a non-crappy diner in the area. There weren't that many people there when I went (Friday at 5 PM)

  • I bought some "lasanga". It wasn't world class, but it hit the spot. The breakfast sausages here are on the cheap side. think they use Swift and Premium. I will continue to support this place anyway, because its another 24 hour diner, and we need as many decent restaurants as we can get. I know I frequent: Eclipse of 44th and 4th, Sunset Park Diner and Donuts, Green Fig Bakery (on 36th between 4th and 5th). I tried Kofte Piyaz, the new Turkish place on 5th and 38th, but I wasn't every impressed.

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