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CLEARWIRE in Brooklyn

Does anyone have good/bad experiences using CLEAR 4G internet service in Brooklyn? The knock on them has been that they promise 'no data caps' but after the first few months actually do throttle their users. Was wondering if anybody could recommend the service. Thanks.


  • Have no information on Clear 4G but you icon picture is extremely adorable.

  • Why, thank you. He's my cat, Timmy the Tiger.

  • I have had it for about 5 months and it works great. I also have my TV on it na dI ma able to stream netflix/huluplus/amazon while working on the laptop with any interruption. The little cell phone size device has decent battery life so you can use it anywhere you want. Drawback is that there was no 4g coverage in S.Jersey when I tried to use it there

  • Timmy is cute. Cats are way better as pets than dogs.

  • Thanks Catwalker. I'm asking about Clear because it didn't occur to me to wire the house for cable when I reno'd it when the electrician opened up the walls to run electrical cable. Big 'oops' on my part. when Clear came out, I figured I was one step ahead of the game, but then I saw on DSL Reports forums about the lawsuits regarding data capping and throttling. Most folks say they get a good signal for a couple of months then get throttled to around 0.25MPBS, which is slower than old dial-up. Clear is testing out LTE to possibly replace Wi-Maxx which might fix their need to limit their users which would be great. I'm still on the fence since my only other option is Verizon DSL and a wi-fi router to cover the whole house. Can't decide....

  • Unfortunately data capping is the way of the future. Funny how when all this wifi stuff started back in the late 90's we were initially capped and then they uncapped us in the new millenium. How Ironic that they seem to feel the need to cap us once again. This is akin to AOL re-introducing minute planes like they did back then. Remember how they used to charge 40 dollars for 1000 minutes?...LOL!

    We are pawns in their games and they know people will pay top dollar to be uncapped once again.

  • I'm pretty surprised everything isn't capped already.

    That's how it is in a lot of other countries.

  • Thing is, delivery of content over IP/Wifi/whatever the new buzzword is is in the best interest of these businesses because it allows them to siphon away users from cable/satellite/fios. Yet, there's been a too-slow build-out of infrastructure that's chocking the signals and causing them to overpromise and underdeliver. It'll continue this way for a while, maybe until we find ways to compress digital signals to a fraction of what they are now.

  • A friend of mine tried it, they are in Bed-Stuy. For four months, no problems. Then it was awful! No connection, slow connection, barely a connection--you name it, it was happening. The customer support claimed they didn't know what was going on, and even sent a new modem. No luck. My friend just gave up and got internet cable.

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