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Raccoons this summer?

The reoccurring summertime question, how are folks doing with the racoons this summer?

We have seen a few, but nothing like last year...


  • We have a family of raccoons living in an unoccupied (boarded up) brownstone on our block. One of our neighbors recently watched the entire family crossing her yard and others by tightrope-walking along the telephone wires high up in the air.

    This same neighbor has a koi pond in her yard, and reports that one of her turtles has gone missing. She doesn't necessarily attribute the loss to the raccoons, but I wouldn't be surprised.

  • I believe they're even more of a problem this year. There seem to be more of them and they're more brazen. Especially on 23rd St!

    I've even seen some in the old Aaron's parking lot behind South and Freddy's, and even up on the Freddy's fire escape. Agile critters.

  • We have had 4 juveniles in the garden, either all four or just two. Mostly just snooping around, but I wish the landlord kitty-corner to us would clear out his effing back yard...which is where they have their home.

    Certainly can't call 311!

  • Out in the garden yesterday at dusk. I hear a little rustle and find a raccoon feasting away on my neighbors veggies. Within the next fifteen minutes, three more make their way through the yard.

    Our back wall and shumach tree are like the BQE for raccoons.

    And then this morning there was a opossum in the garbage can.

  • We actually found garbage up in a street tree after this Tuesday's garbage night. Lovely!

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