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20th St and 5th Ave this morning

Uhh, so I wake up to shouting. I look out the window and see police tape on 18th street, and notice there is no traffic on 5th Ave. Gothamist says both bomb threat and possible suspicious package.

On 5th Ave I notice a strange metal device in the bus stop, then see a pile of... fur and foam in the middle of 5th with a long line leading into it.

It looks like... the cops blew up a giant stuffed gorilla. Seriously - the face and arms were still attached when they moved it. It was surrounded by or filled with these weird duct-taped foam cubes.

Anyone have more info?

I'm also a bit...concerned/annoyed, the police seemed to have cleared out the businesses in front of the gorillabomb but I was sleeping under a window facing it just above... would have been nice to at least get a "stay away from the windows" warning if they thought it was dangerous enough to evacuate the ground floors.


  • Lots of emergency vehicles and flashing lights. Gothamist news map says:

    Suspicious Package

    5th Ave & 20th St

    Brooklyn, NY

    8/1/2011 8:45 a.m.


    Bomb Threat

    18st & 5th Ave

    Brooklyn, NY

    8/1/2011 8:13 a.m.

    Anyone know the real story?

  • This poster says the bomb threat is was an exploding gorilla.


    I hate it when gorillas explode.

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  • Sounds like someone I used to know....

  • My wife tells me a cop told her it was for a movie shoot when she was on her way to work this morning.

  • People make movies about exploding gorillas?

  • Some reporter told me there was a 6 foot stuffed gorilla with detonators and a bomb inside of it sitting at the bus stop. I saw a guy who I am assuming was the bomb squad picking things out of said object at the bus stop.

  • So the story escalates - when I was at 17th and 5th this morning it was a monkey bomb! Does anyone know the ladder company that was on the scene at 17th? I have some serious issues with their community relations skills.

  • Sidjp-

    I think you are on to something about it "escalating". You heard it was a monkey bomb.

    sarah heard is was a gorilla bomb

    I expect someone to post soon that it was a King Kong bomb.

  • I think if they blew up King Kong it'd have affected more than just an intersection or two.

    Was definitely a gorilla, though - black fur, beefy, dangling arms. Bits of the fluff are still on the street next to my building where they bagged him up before taking it away.

  • If blowing up stuffed gorillas was all the bomb squad had to do, I would totally apply.

  • See what happens when I go away for the weekend?

    Enough monkey business!

  • http://www.news12.com/articleDetail.jsp?articleId=288245&position=1&news_type=news

    Glad they captured this. It is hard explaining to people that a gorilla blew up outside without them thinking you were hitting the bottle early.

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