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Attack on N. 10 Berry — Brooklynian

Attack on N. 10 Berry

Just a head's up, and a call for information if you have any.

A friend of mine got attacked on North 10th on Sunday morning, somewhere between 5-5:30. He was walking alone between Berry and Wythe, close to McCarren Park.

He doesn't remember what happened because of a bad concussion, but he was hit in the head with a blunt object. Bruises/abrasions seem to indicate that he was grabbed, and fell down on his face and side.

He was coming out of a gay bar in the area that was just closing (but he had only drunk two beers that day, and much earlier in the night). The police are helpful but somewhat difficult, and don't think they'll have any leads. Certainly respond if you think you have any information or know of any similar attacks, but otherwise just be on the lookout for violence in the area.


  • Very sorry to hear about this. Terrible news.

  • Unfortunately, this seems to be occuring quite a bit in North Brooklyn.

  • thats horrible. i hope they'll find them. i'm surprise bars over there didn't have cameras.

  • Sorry about your friend and hope he makes a full emotional and physical recovery. I am not too familiar with the area but you should check to see if any homes or businesses have a security camera set up. Good luck and I hope your frie d finds justice

  • sorry to hear, same thing happened to a friend of mine a few months ago in the east village.

    just used google street view and saw at least 4 security cameras on the north side of the street.

    the businesses might have changed since google last drove down there. if you want to help your friend you might walk the block and talk to the local businesses