FOUND CAT: Black White -- Williamsburg — Brooklynian

FOUND CAT: Black White -- Williamsburg

INCREDIBLY friendly black and white cat found near Union and Grand, South Williamsburg. Loves turkey and love. He (maybe she) is very lonely and has probably been lost for about a week. If this sounds like your baby, please email sara.d.wilson at


  • You may want to take the cat to a vet or shelter to see if he has a microchip. If he came from a shelter any time in the last few years he likely has one.

  • Check Petfinder and Tabby Tracker too for lost pets and you can post him up as found there as well. When you take him to the vet get them to see if he is fixed already - if so he likely did belong to someone if not maybe a friendly stray who got lucky and found someone to give him a chance.

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