Via CCGH: Why RPPs are bad for all of Brooklyn — Brooklynian

Via CCGH: Why RPPs are bad for all of Brooklyn

Here we go again! Four years later and the same nonsense debate comes up again. Regardless of how you feel about the Atlantic Yards/Barclay's Center and it's affect on downtown, this is about ALL of Brooklyn if we start a RPP initiative.

And some of the post on brownstoner hit the head on the I just read this post.

This was studied before and did not work. And moreover, it became very clear the "park & ride" mentality that folks are worried about will naturally be driven (pun intended) south from downtown into Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Greenwood Hts., and yes, even Sunset Park.

Anything along the R and F lines will become a parking lot if RPP goes in downtown.

We have debated this before. I don't have a pat answer, but RPPs are not the solution. I have seen it first hand in Boston, and that population is not even the size of Brooklyn.

Another bad omen from the Atlantic Yards.

Our City Council members, and all electeds, MUST take this to all the communities affected, not just downtown.

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