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Breast milk bar! — Brooklynian

Breast milk bar!

Jess Dobkin
Thursday July 13, 5 - 8 pm
Ontario College of Art & Design Professional Gallery
100 McCaul Street, Main Entrance, Second Floor

Wild stuff in Toronto next month.
This is just one of a few wierd things going on at the college.

Artist Talk: Thursday, July 13, 8 pm
OCAD Professional Gallery

At the Lactation Station Breast Milk Bar, audiences are invited to sample pasteurized human breast milk, donated by lactating new mothers. Participants will be guided through the tastings and given information about the donors’ milk attributes, to enhance the appreciation of each specimen’s unique flavor. The performance takes the primal bodily function of breastfeeding, which has been socially regulated as a private and concealed act, and brings it to a public environment. Female and male participants are welcome to discuss the issues honestly, with a sense of play and without judgment. For safety, all donors will be screened, and breast milk will be pasteurized and then culture tested before sampling.