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alert- not for strict vegetarians!

have been a loyal fan of Famous Pita on Coney island ave. over the years as they have grown and moved and enlarged there establishment.

On 1/01/12 decided to have a falafel, never ate there since they moved to the corner.

I paid the counterman and proceeded to wait to be served, as I stood there looking at this new old setup, there was eggplant on the stove being grilled not 1 inch from the meat!

Well maybe that's for someone else I figured, just then a kitchen person came out with raw chicken and dropped it into the falafel oil, where they were making falafels also deep frying eggplant!

So if your not into eating meat or meat by products this place is far from Kosher to us.


  • Not to put too fine a point on it, but if the restaurant doesn't claim that their falafel and their other non-meat foods are "parve" (neither milk nor meat), then the food is still kosher. Lots of people call themselves vegetarians simply because they don't eat red meat. It's not vegetarian by my standards (and I'm very disappointed to read this, because I am a vegetarian), but kosher and vegetarian don't mean the same thing.

    Damn. I liked Famous Pita.

  • iowagirl, sorry, I used the term kosher but was just trying to make a point :) oh well the hunt is on to find another falafel restaurant where there portions are generous and taste is good.

  • I love famous pita. I haven't been there for years and when the moved, i thought they closed and than i notice oh new place.

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