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49 Maspeth LLC Management Company

Does anyone else live in one of the "49 Maspeth LLC" company buildings on Maspeth or Skillman?

They just upped our rent 17% and are also charging us absurd renewal fees ($50 each for 2 people staying in our 3-bdr and a $150 application fee for our new roommate). Given that they're generally unprofessional, crappy landlords and the building isn't some fancy luxury thing on the waterfront, I feel like this is ridiculous. However, moving is a hassle and the apartment itself has been working for me since I generally never have to deal with the landlords.

I guess what I'm asking is, has anyone else had any success negotiating with these fools? I know it's a free-market apartment but is there anything I can do? Or are you thinking of telling them where they can shove it?

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