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Area around Broadway and Park Street

Hey everyone, i just got a job in Brooklyn and I'm looking into places to live. I found a room in this area that fits in my budget (600 a month) and i'm wonder what's in this area, and what is it like?

Stuff about me, i'm a 25 year old male that grew up on Long Island and then lived in PA and spent the last 3 years in Buffalo, NY. I don't know if anyone is familiar with buffalo but when i was there i lived in University Heights on Lisbon Ave. I walked everywhere in Buffalo and just kept my head up.

So any information about this area of Bushwhick would be nice. Thanks for all your help.


  • I live in that area myself. I grew up on the Island and I've been here for a few years. It's not a bad area. As long as you're not into illicit activity (gangs,drugs) you'll be fine. Just keep you're head up and don't flaunt expensive items. Obvious stuff. Park st. is mostly a mix of families and college students. I wouldn't worry about it.

  • Cool, that's what i figured. I don't really have much expensive items to flaunt. Right now it's just a bit annoying since my Job is over on Nevins Street so it look like i'll have to take the J to the A, or other trains depending on the time of day. But i'll figure that out.

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