Ouch this must hurt apple, apple co-founder likes the windows 7 phone better. — Brooklynian

Ouch this must hurt apple, apple co-founder likes the windows 7 phone better.

Dude still works at apple, but less know than steve, but this dude is the nerd behind alot of the work. steve was more like a cult leader/charming guy.

There has certainly been no lack of provocative comments about Apple in the last few weeks, between Forrester Research CEO’s prophecy that Apple is doomed to fall into decline following the passing of the company’s CEO and founder Steve Jobs. The latest statements come from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who told the technology news blog aNewDomain that he thinks the interface for Apple arch rival Microsof’s Windows 7 phone is more beautiful than that of Apple’s best-selling and much-lauded iPhone.

"I'm shocked, every screen is much more beautiful than the same apps on Android and iPhone," he said. "The iPhone has a lot of beauty and simplicity and you don't get lost as much in it but it is more awkward to use (than Windows Phone 7.5 Mango). "Ill be carrying the Windows Phone with me almost everywhere."

The comments kicked off an intense debate in the technology community, as gadget aficionados prepare for the impeding release of the Windows 8 operating system and the expected launch of the iPhone 5 sometime this year. Wozniak later clarified his comments with a post about the interview that added a new dimension to the controversy, giving love to Apple and at the same time adding more provocative comments as to how the Windows 7 operating system came to be so polished.


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