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18th Between Ablemarle - Beverly

Hi, I'm thinking of buying a coop in Prospect Park South, specifically between Ablemarle and Beverly. I've been to the neighborhood at various times of day and get a different vibe each time. This particular block does feel really walled in which lends it a Bronx-esque claustrophobia and general tough association. I'm a professional lady in her 30s who has lived in Greenpoint for the last 10 years so I am unaccustomed to it, but I love the markets on Church, the apartment I am considering is pretty and the transit options are pretty sweet too. Any thoughts on this pocket of PPS and it's safety?


  • It's a bit sketchy, honestly. I live near there and sometimes hear gunshots at night.

    I am sure if you went for it, there are ways to keep yourself safe. There's a lot of great stuff in the neighborhood, like the 24 hour markets on Church, quick access to the city, close to Prospect Park, etc.

    But know that it's not the safest area and you'll need to be mindful coming home at night and such.

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